Van Raam Velo Plus

The Van Raam Velo Plus

This is not a passenger compartment “taxi” like the Triobike, but it is a terrific life-enhancer for wheelchair users and is offered by several Cycling Without Age Scotland Chapters.

The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike lets us provide stimulating and uplifting rides to wheelchair users who can remain seated in their own wheelchair throughout. With the VeloPlus, it’s not necessary to transfer the passenger between the wheelchair and the cycle. The tilted ramp makes it easy to roll the wheelchair onto the VeloPlus and fasten it properly with the wheelchair lock.


The low positioning of the wheelchair on the cycle makes the ride easier and gives a lower centre of gravity, which increases stability. So too do the widely placed and extra steered front-wheels which ensure a reduced turning radius. And, of course, the electric motor provides power assistance to the rider/pilot when needed.

Although this was already a high-quality product, the VeloPlus was completely renewed by Van Raam in October 2016, achieving both aesthetic and technical improvements.