Our Trishaws

The Triobike Taxi

This is the principal Trishaw used by Cycling Without Age Scotland. It’s a pleasure to ride, even when carrying two adults uphill. And with soft, bespoke cushions, it’s a pleasure to sit in too. The seat is accessible for people with walking difficulties. Once seated, safety is key, with a seatbelt per passenger and optional harness, and Triobike is currently working on adaptations to the Taxi Trishaw to make it suitable for a COVID-19 environment.

The Triobike Taxi has a handy storage unit and a retractable hood and waterproof blanket for bad weather, and its many windows ensure a superb all-round view. The hood also acts as a shelter from excessively hot sun.


The Rolls Royce of Trishaws? Probably!

And you’ll hear us coming! We try to take care of every detail and, so, Cycling Without Age Scotland is the only world licensee to upgrade the bell on every trishaw it provides. This is of course very important for the safety of passers-by whom we’ll meet on rides, but that doesn’t stop us having some fun: we use the top-of-the-range Polka Dot Ding-Dong Bell – very pretty and a lovely sound!

The Triobike Taxi seat is all about comfort. At 90 cm wide, it’s one of the most spacious cargo bike seats on the market and is ergonomically designed for a relaxed sitting position. One of Scandinavia’s top furniture manufacturers, the company that produce Arne Jacobsen’s ‘Egg’ and ‘Swan’ chairs, make the cushions, and the result is a soft and stylish seat that’s also easy to clean and maintain.

The special removable middle plate (or “footplate”) on the Triobike Taxi allows anyone with walking difficulties to sit down easily without having to lift their feet; this feature makes sure that entry and exit are safe and effortless. It’s also completely accessible for people who need to be lifted into the trishaw using a hoist. The Triobike Taxi also has a spacious storage box beneath the passenger seat with an impressive volume capacity of 70 litres. Great for picnics!

Triobike uses high-quality bent plywood for the ergonomic and really stylish front box (akak “tub”). The box is supplied by the same German company which creates furniture for renowned designers such as Hans Jørgen Wegner, Ray & Charles Eames and Tadao Ando.



The Triobike Taxi passenger box/tub is exclusively made with sustainable wood, certified with both Forest Stewardship Council and PEFC. The PEFC label guarantees that the wood comes from a sustainable cultivation close to the process facility. All the Triobike boxes are made from beech wood that is between 100-140 years old.

The Triobike Taxi is easy and effortless to ride, thanks to the mighty e-power system, Brose Drive S. With a torque of 90 Nm, the Brose Drive S is the most powerful mid-drive system on the market, and the most quiet too. The system is tested under extreme weather conditions to ensure it won’t ever let you down.

The battery is fast and easy to charge (just like a mobile phone) and, properly maintained, offers a very long range. Some of Cycling Without Age Scotland’s Trishaws use a Promovec motor, an alternative but equally top-of-the-range e-drive. All e-systems used by Triobike comply with EN 15194 standard.

Whether it’s protecting passengers from strong sunlight or rain, the Triobike Taxi’s hood is easy to fold away and can be unfolded quickly if the weather changes. The many windows ensure a great all-round view when the hood is up. The hood is permanently attached to the bike and the fabric will never fade, thanks to a special solution-dyed sunacryl acrylic fibre that is water resistant, fire tested and 100% UV stable.

On the Triobike Taxi, the front wheels are slightly inclined to improve handling and stability during the ride and the Trishaw is designed to lean to the inside when turning. This feature not only offers a smooth and comfortable riding experience: having the rider’s mass lean to the same side as the turn also increases stability and riding comfort.

The Triobike Taxi is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, the best available technology directly inherited from the car industry. Even with the front box fully loaded, applying a small squeeze on the brake levers will get you to a full stop in a short distance

As far as Cycling Without Age Scotland is concerned, comfort is as important as “safety”. So that’s why we use Triobike’s warm and waterproof blanket. This keeps passengers super dry and cosy on their journey, no matter what the weather does. So, come sunshine, rain and Scottish weather unpredictability, passengers and pilot can always enjoy the ride.

What more can we say? If you’re piloting or a passenger in a Cycling Without Age Scotland Triobike Taxi, you’re at the very top of the range!