Our Guiding Principles

Cycling Without Age Scotland cares deeply about everyone with whom we are associated – our passengers, volunteers, supporters and our team. That care is encapsulated in our five guiding principles:


Generosity permeates every single activity in Cycling Without Age Scotland and works its magic at many different levels.


Slowness in a ride enables you to sense the environment and be present in the moment; it allows people you meet along the way to be curious about Cycling Without Age Scotland.


We share stories, are privileged to listen to the stories of our passengers – and then document these (with permission), sharing them by word of mouth or on social media with the worldwide community of Cycling Without Age.


We create a multitude of new relationships and bonds across all borders in society. We bridge gaps between the younger and senior generations as, through our rides, yesterday meets today! We also unite able-bodied people and those living with mobility challenges and other disabilities, and bring together people from all backgrounds and with different interests.

Without Age

Age presents no boundaries in Cycling Without Age Scotland; we engage with all age groups and enable people to age in a positive context – fully aware of the opportunities that lie ahead.